G2 releases Summer Report on Best P2P software: how did Xelix do?


It’s here – the G2 summer reports have been published! After a successful run in the Spring Reports, we’re keen to share the findings of this season’s analysis.

Xelix tops the Fraud Protection Software Category

We are delighted to come in at numero uno for customer satisfaction in the Fraud Protection software category, bagging high 90s across the board and an overwhelming 100% for Product Direction.


Best Fraud Protection Software

The Best Fraud Protection Software

Further enhancing our fraud protection capabilities continues to be big focus. On average, 5% of a company’s revenue is lost to fraudsters who manage to navigate AP controls and cheat businesses out of ££££££s. And this has only increased throughout the pandemic.

We collated some of the worst Accounts Payable fraud cases over the last couple of years. Victims include some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon. Check out the article here.

Xelix takes podium position for best P2P software for the second season running

Across 2021, Xelix has quietly dominated G2’s Procure to Pay software category which lists 89 vendors in total. Highlights from the Summer Report include a rating of 100% for Product Direction, Ease of Admin and Ease of Doing Business With.

The Best P2P Software

The Best P2P Software

Please see some customer comments below:

“Highly effective P2P software, ROI achieved within weeks”

See full review here

Recommendations to others considering the product:          

“If you outsourced your Procure to pay activities to a BPO provider, make sure you make use of a tool like this in addition to the standard controls that are in place when you use an ERP system.”

See full review here

Recommendations to others considering the product:

“It’s a no brainer – the value created and non-value diminished justifies the investment.”

See full review here

Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Whether you’re using a major ERP like SAP, or a stand-alone finance system, Xelix gives you peace of mind and a level of protection that gives you instant payback from investing in the platform.”

See full review here

What about the UI/UX?

At Xelix, our goal is to empower P2P teams with an effective, easy-to-use, efficient platform. Gone are the days of forgiving systems of clunky design – the ‘legacy’ line just isn’t going to cut it. Finance professionals need intuitive tools that can be used without a side order of paracetamol.

“The whole Xelix experience so far has been great. The tool is very easy to use, and it’s already proved its worth. The interface is much friendlier than our ERP and pulling data/reports is a lot quicker.”

See full review here

And it’s not only a bad UI that contributes to the headache. It’s setup, admin & functionality challenges too. Luckily, Xelix scored highly in all these areas.

User-friendly P2P Tools

G2 Usability Index

What do you like best?

“Xelix’s product is easy to use and more importantly, very accurate. The set up and installation was as simple as promised and the team is very responsive.”

See full review here

What do you like best?

“The simplicity of the implementation ensured it was pain free in getting up and running, the intuitive interface and navigation ensure it’s easy to use.”

See full review here


Last but not least – how did Xelix rank for customer support?

We know our customers by name. We speak with them regularly and we use their insight to drive our product roadmap. Our customers are our greatest asset. Therefore, we make it our mission to provide a fantastic customer experience, while ensuring maximum success using the Xelix platform.

“From the moment you start working with the team at Xelix, it’s clear that they’re invested in you achieving success with their product. The team is friendly, attentive, and ready to support the users in maximizing the system’s potential.”

See full review here

“The customer service provided by Xelix is just excellent. I have regular calls with the provider to discuss my observations and any potential room for improvement. If I have any questions or concerns, the Xelix team comes back to me in less than 24h.”

See full review here


Relationship Index - P2P Software

Relationship Index – P2P Software


We are overjoyed with G2’s summer software analysis and owe this success to our wonderful customers, partners and colleagues.

In response to the good news, Xelix’s CEO & Cofounder,  wrote:

“Taking Amazon/Bezos’ lead, every software company today opines about customer centricity. It’s the easiest thing to proclaim, but in reality hard to get right, especially at scale. The whole culture of the company, from sales to engineering, has to align behind this.

We have always tried to have an authentic voice with customers, from the sales process through to the ongoing account management. For us this means;

– Responding to emails within 1-2 hours.
– Being honest about how the solution can and cannot solve certain pain points.
– Dropping the sales BS. Being direct, fun, helpful and professional.
– Showing our personality.
– Stretching ourselves to meet a customer requirement.
– Not trying to bill customers for every additional minute on custom development and tweaks.
– Working sessions and interviews with customers to understand product improvements.
– Co-development of new functionality and roadmap.

Whilst we have scored as a High Performer across the board in G2’s latest Summer report, I’m most proud of the recognition as ‘Easiest to Do Business With’ (100% score). It’s testament to the work we have done to build a product that people actually want to use, with legitimate first-rate customer support.”

If you’d like to setup some time to speak about how the Xelix platform can empower your P2P team to work smarter (and not harder), please get in touch.

**G2’s report findings are based on customer satisfaction levels and likeliness to recommend ratings from real, authenticated users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

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