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ROI on day one

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As well as providing you with a preventative overpayment and AP automation solution, unlike other players in the market, Xelix offers an audit of your historic transactions. On day one, you get full visibility over all your overpayments which you can go on to recover.

Even better? Xelix provides an understanding as to why these mistakes were made so you can alter your processes to prevent similar errors going forwards.



The best part? We have the highest accuracy rate on the market meaning you won’t be wasting time investigating illegitimate overpayments, and our AI is guaranteed to capture mistakes you were not aware of.

Our customers have managed to achieve 4, 5, 6x ROI through this exercise, so Xelix pays for itself before you really get started!



Accuracy without the all-nighters

One of our customers who moved from Fiscal Technologies to Xelix said:

“There was much bias towards our existing system, Fiscal Technologies because, fundamentally, it did the job. And moving to a new product is always risky. But Xelix really worked hard with us. First, they provided a test system, free of charge. We put our real data into this, comparing results with Fiscal. Xelix was clearly surfacing more accurate results. This helped to justify the move to our board…*



An AP tool anyone can master

*customer quote continued

… Xelix was ticking all the boxes and provided more flexibility. So, we asked our team to have a look. Whilst they used the existing system daily, they preferred the look and feel of Xelix, finding it much more user-friendly”

 – P2P Manager @ ELFS Shared Services (supporting 14 NHS Trusts)



We have built our platform in conjunction with our customers, meaning it’s been thoughtfully designed to deliver the experience and features that Accounts Payable leaders need.

Setup takes around four weeks and adoption is instant, thanks to our user-friendly interface.

Xelix is easy to learn and has been called out as a ‘morale booster’ by several customers. And, we’re

“just quite a fun company to work with” 🤩


Xelix Modules


Fiscal Technologies is a well-known provider in the space of AP audit and fraud prevention and has strong success stories in the mid-market and public sector spaces, particularly in the UK.

Xelix’s customer base spans the globe, multiple industries, sectors, and organisation sizes.

As a business that has been around for decades, Fiscal Technologies has a wealth of experience. Whilst Xelix has been around for a little less time, we take pride in product innovation by working with our customers to continuously evolve our platform, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Xelix has been AI and Machine Learning-based since day one, so the sophistication of our technology is unmatched.

See impartial Xelix and Fiscal Technologies customer review comparison here.


 Xelix – trusted by forward-thinking finance teams

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