G2 Summer 2022 Reports released: Xelix a High Performer in best P2P Software and Financial Audit Categories


The G2 Summer 2022 reports have arrived, showcasing the best-in-class software providers from across the world. Xelix is still leading the way across a number of categories this quarter, performing highly against the review criteria from our customer base.


Xelix named as High Performer in Procure to Pay Software category

G2's Enterprise Grid® Report for Procure to Pay Software_Xelix score


In a strong category, led by some of the industry’s largest players, Xelix has once again, been named as a high performer in the Procure to Pay category – scoring 95% in Quality of Support, 98% in Ease of Use and 100% in Ease of Admin and Ease of Doing Business With.

NPS score of 100 for Xelix in the Financial Audit category


Xelix named High Performer in G2's Financial Audit software category_Xelix Score


Xelix has also been dominant in the Financial Audit category, being awarded with High Performer status, securing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100, and scoring highly in customer satisfaction scores in Ease of Use, Quality of Support and Likelihood to Recommend (97%).

Easiest to do business with in Enterprise Procure to Pay category

G2's Relationship Index for Enterprise Procure to Pay Software _ Xelix Score


We are proud to be awarded as the Easiest to do Business With within the Enterprise Procure to Pay category, showcasing the enormous hard work by the whole team at Xelix – putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do and the overall UX/UI of our platform.


Why do customers love Xelix?

Ease of Set Up, Ease of Use and Quality of Support are some of the categories where Xelix scored some of the highest scores across the market. We believe these areas are hugely important to our customers and we are proud that this has been recognised.

If you want to join our team of loyal customers in being able to quickly spot duplicate payments or fraud, and to fully automate your supplier statement reconciliation, book in a demo to see how.


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