Xelix’s First Customer Day


As a company, we have made a huge effort from day one to bake Customer Success into our company DNA – by responding quickly to customer enquiries, taking on all customer feedback and co-developing products based on our customers’ needs.

In October we ran Xelix’s first in-person Customer Day – bringing together 10 of our UK-based customers to our London HQ.

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It was the perfect opportunity to meet our customers, some of them for the first time in person, to showcase our product roadmap and ambitious growth plans for the year ahead.

“It was great to see just how engaged our customers were during our interactive sessions,” said Paris, Customer Success Manager at Xelix. “The Xelix team has put in so much work to ensure each customer realises huge value from the platform. The level of our customer involvement in Xelix’s product co-development shows how much we love to work together.”

Here’s what you missed out on:

We’ve had some amazing and much-valued feedback from our wonderful customers on how useful the Xelix Customer Day was (and we’re certain this wasn’t just the champagne talking).

We will continue to provide the best customer support we can, implement customer feedback, and work together to build amazing new Accounts Payable products.

Why choose Xelix?

If you’re interested in learning more about Xelix get in touch with us via, and read some of our Customer case studies and our verified G2 reviews.

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