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How Xelix proved 4x more cost-effective than recovery audit firm for US Healthcare organisation

  • Processing 600,000 invoices annually 
  • $1.8M recovered within the first 3 months 
  • 98% error detection accuracy 


When you pay a recovery audit firm up to 20% of error value found and process 600,000 invoices annually, it’s easy to see how errors add up. 

An American healthcare company knew this challenge all too well. This organisation is a multi-hospital health system with over 126 practices and five hospitals across Pennsylvania, USA. Employing 17,000 staff and with 11,000 vendors, they constantly look for new efficiencies.

The company’s AP department of 20 uses Infor as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Since working remotely during Covid, they’ve experienced challenges when relying on manual AP processes.

Their Director of Expenditure and Accounts Payable Manager wanted a better system for their team. In particular, they wanted to process invoices more efficiencies and move away from expensive recovery audits.


  • Exhausted of finding errors after the pay-run

    Like many large AP departments, they were using a recovery audit firm to spot costly invoice processing errors. But they were paying more than they wanted. Their AP manager explains: “We were finding things, but it’s costly to rely on a recovery audit firm. You typically pay a 15-20% finder’s fee every time they uncover a duplicate payment or unpaid credit, for example. That soon adds up.

    "And the recovery firm is finding errors after the event - once the money’s gone out the door. We wanted to uncover these problems before the recovery audit and stop paying for issues we should be catching ourselves. We felt maybe, with the right tool, we could do this.”

    They knew that invoices paid in error and high audit fees were impacting cash flow and recovery audit firms couldn’t stop errors happening again. As a result, the high fees continued, and auditors found the same problems. It wasn’t the efficient system their AP manager wanted to have.

    “We wanted to start finding these things ourselves and nipping them in the bud before they became a large problem, solving the root cause. Certainly low-hanging fruit like mis- keying or invoicing the wrong vendor. But like many AP departments, we struggled to find the time and resources to achieve this,” they add.

  • Why they chose Xelix

    The Director of Expenditure had developed many internal processes to catch duplicate payments at previous companies. As they were leaving their last role, they met Xelix.

    “Xelix went way beyond what I’d been able to do, either internally, or using other software. So, I wanted to assess it when I joined this US healthcare company. The Xelix tool was a clear winner to me for two reasons.

    "Firstly, Xelix uses Artificial Intelligence. This goes a long way towards eliminating false positives with its machine learning models. It goes beyond what your ERP doesAnd the more you use Xelix the more accurate it gets.

    "Secondly, Xelix has a Statements module. I was using an Excel add-in called Able Bits to do data comparisons, but it was still very manual. With Xelix, it's an automated process - even emailing the vendor,” they say.

    They then had to sell the investment to the senior leadership team.

    “When it comes to being innovative, we have a very supportive leadership team. So, they immediately saw the savings we could make on our recovery audit fees. Xelix sold itself. It was easy because Xelix is a positive cash flow tool. It stops money going out the door and reduces your recovery audit fees,” they explain.

    Implementation took six weeks and was “straightforward”. The Xelix team provided training and has been on hand since.

    The process is simple. The company auto- sends Xelix a daily data file of vendors and invoices in the system. Xelix reviews the data and presents the results in the platform. The AP can then assess and action them.

    Go to Transactions module

“Do the math. Consider the money going out the door due to mistakes you’re not finding upfront. Then consider the money you’re paying the recovery firm. Now compare this with Xelix."

Director of Expenditure, US Health Care organisation
  • 4x more cost effective than a recovery audit firm

    From the moment you implement Xelix, you have errors to action. At first, the tool reviews two years of historical data. Their AP manager reflects on their early experience with Xelix’s duplicate monitoring Transactions module.

    “On day one, Xelix located hundreds of potential duplicates and errors in our historical dataThat was before looking at current information. It helped us play catch up by cleaning our past as well as our present.

    "Of course, the recovery audit firm would have found some of these issues. But there were errors Xelix detected that were not found by them,” they say.  When it comes to data accuracy, Xelix’s machine learning is quick to reduce false positives. This was certainly the case for their company, they explain.

    “I checked the numbers to see how Xelix was performing after three months. Looking at the most recent 246 duplicate it gave us, 98% were duplicates. Only 2% were false positives.

    "This level of accuracy encourages staff to use the data. They know it’s not wasting their time as the system finds legitimate stuff and saves them from making an error.”

    In fact, Xelix correctly identified $1.8 million of duplicate errors during the first three months of use.

    “That’s a big multiplier over what we spend on Xelix,” their Director of Expenditure said. “If I assume half these duplicates would have been found by a recovery audit firm, that still gives Xelix credit for anything up to $900,000. It’s easy to estimate that Xelix is four times more cost-effective for us,” adds their AP manager.

    Go to Transactions module
  • Fast end-to-end automated statement reconciliation

    The Xelix Statements module is also a big plus for their director, and he expects significant savings as they “grow into it”.

    “Statement reconciliation always takes second place to invoice processing. Like many AP departments, we often struggle to get to it. Until now, we’ve been lucky if we reconcile up to 10% of our statementsAnd we’d have to download data to match each one. It’s been very manual, even though we incorporated an Excel tool into our process.

    "Using Xelix, the entire process is automated. It’s so quick and you can upload PDF statements too. Xelix even emails the vendor on our behalf,” they say. They add that Xelix does a more thorough check by looking at the system as well as the statement.

    “Using Excel, you’re only checking what’s on the statement. It’s one-way. But Xelix looks both ways and spots things on the system that aren’t on the statement.”

    Go to Statements module
Customer Testimonial

Healthcare firms replace audit recovery firms with proactive payment auditing solution

  • Moving to more value-led AP tasks

    The US healthcare company still engages a recovery audit firm but expects to stop in time. For now, it monitors improvements and cost reductions. Xelix helps them identify the root of process downfalls and prevents cash leaving the business in error – an issue many businesses are prioritising given the current economic headwinds.

    So, what does the future AP function look like now? “Three months on, we’re still adapting and making the most of Xelix. But I can see our AP team becoming more like analysts. Instead of manual processes, they’ll look at things that benefit the company. Like making sure we’re getting our discounts for early payments and checking we’re approving invoices quickly.

    "Also, Xelix spots things you wouldn’t always pick up with the naked eye. Like two vendors with similar names. As your master vendor file is at the centre of everything, keeping it clean has a direct impact on your performance,” they say.

"Xelix is the most receptive vendor I’ve worked with. Their desire to improve their product and their responsiveness to customers is top notch. It’s impressive how they’ve involved us to make sure the tool is meeting our needs."

Director of Expenditure, US Health organisation

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