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Smart technology fuelled by an ambitious team with a simple mission


"Our mission is simple... to keep building best-in-class solutions for Accounts Payable - using the latest technology to drive real outcomes for our customers"

Awards, accolades and accreditations

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"Xelix is one of the 20 leaders in digital finance you need to know"

Our commitments

  • Career growth and learning

    Investing in our team is essential to our success and we believe in continuously developing our skills and abilities. Some of the ways we promote this at Xelix are:

    • Every member of our team is given a generous annual development budget, which can be put towards conferences, workshops, mentors, courses, programmes and books.
    • We use a L&D platform so that the team can quickly and easily access these learning resources.
    • The team can take 2 additional days of ‘Learning Leave’ each year to attend conferences.
    • Each team member has an hour-long monthly 1-1 with their manager, to discuss their professional development in depth.
    • We have built career frameworks for every role at Xelix, to help guide the team on their journey with us and give direction for their progression.
  • Diversity and inclusion

    Promoting an authentic environment is a key pillar in our culture. This means that people can turn up to work as themselves, without having to tone themselves down or adopt an alter-ego to get ahead.

    Xelix is a software company with no political beliefs. However, the company is made up of individuals with a diverse set of views and beliefs. Our commitment at Xelix is that our team can express these beliefs and proudly be who they want to be, without fear of isolation.  

  • Environmental sustainability

    We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our work. We have implemented several initiatives to reduce waste, conserve energy and minimise our carbon footprint, including: 

    • Offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions 
    • Investing in a diverse portfolio of carbon offsetting and removal methods including tree planting, Biochar, E.Weathering, D.A.C and Bio-oil 

What our customers say

Accounts Payable Analyst

Energy Transfer

Achieving millions in cost-savings

“In the time we implemented Xelix, it highlighted $1.7m in historical duplicate payments. That’s errors our recovery firm didn’t spot. We’ve already recovered $540,000 of this. Now, we can catch AP processing errors before money leaves the business.”

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Director - Global Accounts Payable

Springer Nature

Monitoring BPO performance

Previously, the BPO team used our in-house tool themselves. But they limited reporting, not wanting to highlight their mistakes. As we control Xelix ourselves, we now have more confidence in how they’re operating day to day."

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Head of P2P, UK and Ireland


Enjoying a 25% drop in vendor queries

"We don’t have any horrendous manual work now. Such as having to contact the supplier and ask for a refund, monitor it and manually update the system. And it takes less than half the time  - It’s 2-3 times quicker so the team can use that time on other activities. We're also seen a 25% drop in vendor queries as a result."

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