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Save hundreds of hours with smart AP mailbox management

An Accounts Payable ticketing tool that understands vendor emails, creates tickets and generates AI responses to relieve your AP team of major inbox-stress.
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Managing vendor queries with Xelix is effortless

Managing a shared Accounts Payable inbox and staying on top of vendor queries is one of the biggest headaches for AP teams. Xelix’s AP Helpdesk solution understands vendor emails, intelligently creates support tickets and writes helpful responses to answer vendor questions. Whether it’s sharing payment date information, reconciling a statement, confirming vendor account changes or something else, Xelix is like an extra 10 pairs of hands for your AP team.

Why choose Xelix for Accounts Payable inbox and vendor query management?

  • Focus on the good stuff 😊

    Save your team from the most time-sinking activity in AP. Let Xelix handle your Helpdesk and re-direct your focus to other value-adding tasks.

  • Prioritise your time

    Stop the email firefighting and go about your day knowing that queries are being dealt with. Items that require your attention are prioritised so you can manage your time more effectively. 

  • Deliver 10/10 service 👌

    Keep your vendors up-to-date and happy in a touchless and automated way and see queries drop significantly over time.

  • Fight those scammers ☠️

    Spot email phishing and fraud attempts in their tracks and safeguard your business from huge losses.
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How our Accounts Payable Helpdesk works

Xelix’s Helpdesk solution understands and categorises inbound emails from vendors – whether that’s invoices, chasers, statements, vendor info changes or something else (including spam, scams, and fraud!).

Support tickets are then intelligently created based on your preferences and ways of working.

Because Xelix is connected to your ERP and AP systems, it can look up the answer to vendor queries without user intervention and uses generative AI to write intelligent and helpful responses back to vendors. 

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