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Why Xelix?

For too long, companies have relied on manual processes and basic systems for managing Accounts Payable and vendor risk. This has resulted in financial losses, heightened fraud risk and bloated manual processes that weigh down AP teams around the world.

Using the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Xelix has re-designed the core audit and control processes within Accounts Payable – bringing intelligent automation into this underserved space.

Whether it’s protecting the bottom line, reducing risk, improving vendor relationships or relieving teams of manual work – every large company in the world will bring these smart, automated processes into their Accounts Payable function.

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Four reasons Finance teams choose Xelix

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    We understand the payback for your investment needs to be quick.

    Many of our customers have achieved ROI on day one from our retrospective audit, which highlights historic overpayments that AP teams can go on to recover. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s very normal for our customers to achieve over 5x ROI through ongoing AP monitoring in the first year alone. And with the time Xelix frees for your team, focus can be given to other cost-saving initiatives that will help boost your bottom line further. 

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    Customer Success

    We score 100% for customer satisfaction for three core reasons:

    Rapid response rates

    Every Xelix customer is allocated a dedicated Account Manager. We understand your time is precious, so we aim to respond to your queries in record time.

    Customer feedback

    Customer feedback is at the centre of our business, and we take it very seriously. We love to listen, learn, and keep improving. We’re a humble team and believe there is always room for improvement.


    We love to co-develop new functionality with our customers. We speak with our customers on a regular basis to find out what more our platform can do to make their lives easier, and this information is what drives our product roadmap.  

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    Design and usability

    Whether you’re reconciling a supplier statement or resolving duplicate invoices – it’s straightforward and easy with Xelix. We provide our customers with a solution that’s simple to use, and that all starts with good design.

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    Our technology

    Our team of in-house Engineers and Data Scientists have developed a new approach to old age problems within Accounts Payable.

    Whether it’s understanding supplier statements, surfacing  VAT anomalies or highlighting potential fraud, Xelix’s accuracy rate and sophistication is unmatched.

    Because we train Xelix on your historic data, our accuracy is high from Day One. This grows over time as our customers use feedback buttons within the platform to help finetune the models further. This means you will no longer waste valuable time investigating a high volume of false positives (incorrect results).

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