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Xelix in a nutshell

We describe Xelix as an Accounts Payable Control Centre.

Xelix sits alongside your existing finance systems to provide a sophisticated layer of automation for the key audit and control processes within Procure-to-Pay - resulting in major cost savings, process improvements and happier teams.

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    Your team's extra pair of eyes

    Using the latest AI, Xelix analyses over 400 data points per invoice, along with master vendor data, to surface a wide range of risks before payment. These include duplicate payments, currency errors, misapplied tax, incorrect amounts, payments to wrong vendor, fraudulent activity and much more. 

    Unlike Excel or less sophisticated systems, Xelix has been optimised for accuracy - meaning your team isn't wasting time investigating legitimate transactions. 

    New Xelix customers are provided with a free audit of historic payments – typically, losses recovered from this exercise pay for the Xelix platform many times over. 

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    Your team's extra pair of hands

    Fully automate your vendor statement reconciliation process with Xelix and reconcile 100% of statements in no time at all. The benefits are huge – keeping vendors informed and happy, reducing enquiries, a streamlined internal/external audit process, accurate forecasting and much improved team morale. 

    Xelix customers are seeing on average a 10x faster reconciliation process versus their previous approach.  

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    Your team's extra layer of protection

    Xelix enables easy, proactive management of the master vendor data by identifying inactive and duplicate vendors (beyond simple vendor name matches), as well as vendor records with missing information that require enrichment. We also alert you to vendor data changes so you can stop unauthorised activity in the moment. The result is an intelligent and easy-to-use tool for keeping master data up to date, complete and secure. 

    Once live with Xelix, our customers streamline and cleanse their master vendor file – typically consolidating up to 20% of vendor records. 

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    Your team's AI Assistant

    Xelix’s Helpdesk solution understands vendor emails, intelligently creates support tickets and writes helpful responses to answer vendors questions. Whether it’s sharing payment date information, reconciling a statement, confirming vendor account changes, or something else, Xelix is the assistant of dreams for your Accounts Payable team.

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    Your team's trusted source of insight

    Use our templates to report on items such as cycle times, payment performance, spend trends, team productivity, or build totally custom reports from scratch. Charts can be saved into a library and will automatically update every day. Because Xelix is connected to all your systems, you get a powerful single view of all your payables data - across all systems and business units. Free yourself from data paralysis and gather meaningful insights in seconds.

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Setup and security

Setup is simple. The Xelix platform requires a daily transfer of invoice data from your ERP system(s) to the Xelix cloud-based environment. This is done via a scheduled CSV data transfer through SFTP or we can connect to APIs for cloud-based systems. Thanks to the simplicity of our setup, customers can be live in as little as four weeks. And we don’t require days of work from your IT team.

Security and data protection is a priority. We’re proud to deliver a scalable application with high availability and dependability. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ data is of utmost importance, as is maintaining our customers’ trust and confidence.

For info on our security protocols and setup process, check out our Setup page.

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Xelix setup and security
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Why Xelix?

Accounts Payable teams across the world are choosing Xelix for four reasons; Return on Investment; Customer Success and Support; Design and Usability; and finally - the Power of our Technology.  

We’ve won accolades and awards and have a whole host of customer testimonials and success stories available. We’re also happy to setup customer reference calls if you’d like to speak first-hand with our customers. 

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for our customers and it’s our mission to keep developing our products based on customer feedback. 

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Check out our customer stories

AP Manager

Mole Valley Farmers

How Mole Valley Farmers AP team achieved a 40% productivity increase

“We previously did duplicate checks manually by extracting listings from our ERP system, SAP. Xelix checks multiple fields (unlike SAP) and therefore adds an extra level of control. A lot of admin work is saved in addition to the financial benefits of stopping duplicate payments or payments to wrong suppliers.”

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AP Manager


How Wilko increased their statement reconciliation coverage from 15% to 95%

“Straightaway Xelix was visually appealing. But the thing that got us most was how it learned. For example, it learnt invoice patterns, meaning our duplicates would reduce rapidly as it understood what a real duplicate was and what wasn’t. It didn’t waste our time. We gave Xelix a sample of our data to check and they gave us ten potential duplicates that the AI platform had flagged up. That was enough to win our board over. It was a no-brainer."

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Director - Shared Service Centre

Liberty Global (Virgin Media)

How Liberty Global overcame their Accounts Payable challenges

“There was much bias towards our (at the time) current provider because, fundamentally, it did the job. And moving to a new product is always risky. But Xelix really worked hard with us. First, they provided a test system, free of charge. We put our real data into this, comparing results with the existing platform. Xelix was clearly surfacing more accurate results. This helped us justify our move to the board.”

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