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Get the inside scoop! Explore the stories below to hear directly from our customers about what they’ve been achieving with Xelix. From telecoms to pharma to healthcare to manufacturing to retail – we’ve got you covered.

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Our customer stories

Accounts Payable Analyst

Energy Transfer

Achieving millions in cost-savings

“In the time we implemented Xelix, it highlighted $1.7m in historical duplicate payments. That’s errors our recovery firm didn’t spot. We’ve already recovered $540,000 of this. Now, we can catch AP processing errors before money leaves the business.”

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Accounts Payable Manager

Mole Valley Farmers

Running 3x faster processes

“On average, we’ve had a 40% productivity increase in statement reconciliations. Plus, we’re now reconciling 90% of statements received. A large statement would previously take up to a whole day to reconcile. With Xelix, it takes around two hours. For smaller statements, 15 to 20 minutes has become five minutes."

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Continuous Improvement Manager

Euro Car Parts

£250K saving on day one

“We first did a retrospective duplicate checking exercise with documents from the last two years. This resulted in us recovering £250,000 on day one. It’s a huge return and covered the cost of Xelix for years to come. Because Xelix all but eliminated false positives, they were only looking at the realistic duplicates. This reduced the workload from two hours to ten minutes a day.”

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Head of P2P, UK and Ireland


Enjoying a 25% drop in vendor queries

"We don’t have any horrendous manual work now. Such as having to contact the supplier and ask for a refund, monitor it, and manually update the system. And it takes less than half the time  - It’s 2-3 times quicker so the team can use that time on other activities. We're also seen a 25% drop in vendor queries as a result."

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Director Global Accounts Payable

Springer Nature

Monitoring BPO performance

Previously, the BPO team used our in-house tool themselves. But they limited reporting, not wanting to highlight their mistakes. As we control Xelix ourselves, we now have more confidence in how they’re operating day to day."


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Director of Payment Operations

Liberty Global (Virgin Media)

Improving relationships with vendors

Xelix changed the way our AP team worked. Now, we process almost 20 times the volume of supplier statements. Xelix does lots of the work for us. We’re more proactive with our supplier communications too. Every month, we provide them with the information they need. It’s definitely reducing the number of queries we handle, which is great because this is really distracting for the team.” 
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Director of Expenditure

US Healthcare organisation

4x more cost-effective than recovery audit

“When it comes to being innovative, we have a very supportive leadership team. So, they immediately saw the savings we could make on our recovery audit fees. Xelix sold itself. It was easy because Xelix is a positive cash flow tool. It stops money going out the door and reduces your recovery audit fees.”

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Senior Finance Controls and Governance Manager

Retail giant

Doubling statement reconciliation volume in one month

"Before Xelix, we only managed to reconcile 400 statements a month. Having used Xelix for two months, we’d reconciled 1,849 statements.That’s over 900 a month – more than double."
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Procure to Pay Manager

ELFS Shared Services (14 NHS Trusts)

Replacing previous software with Xelix

With Xelix, we could split our data and download it straight away. There’s also an option for further cross checks as we develop our use of the system. As for false positives, Xelix’s AI has a smarter way of eliminating them."
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Finance and Administration Manager


Impressing auditors

“The auditors were really pleased with it because everything’s stored in one place,” said Angie. “You’ve got all the history and they can see which invoices we’re actively requesting, even if there’s a delay in receiving it. That audit trail’s really important to them and it’s right there."

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