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The current situation

Why Xelix?

Whilst our approach to design simple, we take a sophisticated approach to building world-class technology

Our Technology – Combining best-in-class AI and Machine Learning
to deliver unmatched efficiency

The current situation

Why Xelix?

The combination of historic analysis, the deployment of 21+ Machine Learning models, and the use of best-in-class AI, means Xelix delivers results with a starting accuracy rate of 60%. And this accuracy grows over time as our customers use feedback buttons within the platform to help finetune our models further. This means you will no longer waste valuable time investigating a high volume of false positives (incorrect results).

So that’s our AP software, how about our Customer Service?

Customer Success – at the heart of our business

The current situation

Why Xelix?

Your Return on Investment

Guaranteed ROI
on Day One

This is achieved by providing historical analysis on overpayments you can go on to recover.

ROI again by
Month Four

Typically, Xelix delivers cost-savings that equate to more than your contract value by month four.

ROI x4 in
12 months

At minimum, Xelix delivers 4x ROI within your first 12 months.

ROI on the clock -
get back 3 days a month

Get back time to focus on value-adding tasks thanks to Xelix’s proactive approach & smart automation.

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