The Xelix Platform has three modules

Protect working capital by preventing incorrect payments.


Improve control by auditing 100% of supplier invoices.

Save time by automating manual audits.

Reduce risk with constant vendor file analysis.

Gain protection across multiple divisions/systems.

Easily identify AP process improvement opportunities.


Accurate financial reporting
Reconcile all supplier statements in a timely manner, ensuring an up-to-date ledger so you can report confidently.


Protect your bottom line
Catch missed credit notes and resolve incorrect payments prior to your pay run.


Improve Payment on Time
Highlight and resolve issues quickly so payments can be made on time.


Time to focus on value-adding tasks
Relieve your team of tedious, manual work & give back time to focus on more engaging, value-adding tasks.


Track reconciliation activity
Remove wasted time trailing through emails to resolve an issue or having to rely on the knowledge of various(/former) team members.


Healthy supplier relationships
Complete more recs, more often, and keep your suppliers informed in the click of a button. Dramatically reduce supplier queries.

Save time by automating AP reporting.

Gain real-time visibility over your P2P data.

Drive process improvement with root-cause analysis.


Optimise working capital with predictive insights.

Consolidate AP data from separate systems and entities.


Identify cost-saving opportunities in your supply chain.

A solution for the whole team

Reduce risk and protect the bottom line

Drive efficiency

Become best in class

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