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Your Accounts Payable Control Centre

AI-powered software that bolts onto your finance systems to enhance AP controls, automate tedious tasks and deliver meaningful insights.

Xelix Control Centre

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Curing Accounts Payable headaches with five core modules

Xelix supercharges the essential audit and control processes within Accounts Payable. Our customers achieve major cost savings, safeguard against fraud risk and develop best-in-class teams by automating manual processes and focusing on the good stuff. 

  • Transactions

    Detect transactional risks

    Proactive, real-time monitoring of your payables to flag duplicates, posting errors, overpayment risks and suspicious activity before your pay run.

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  • Statements

    Automate supplier statement reconciliations

    An end-to-end workflow automating the tedious task of reconciling supplier statements.

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  • Vendors

    Manage master vendor data

    Daily monitoring of your master vendor file - alerting you to missing data, changes and potential threats.

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  • NEW


    Intelligently resolve vendor queries

    An intelligent ticketing tool that understands vendor emails, creates tickets and generates AI responses to relieve your team of major inbox-stress.

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  • Reports

    Build Accounts Payable reports

    Easy to use, self-serve analytics and customised reporting dashboards for all things Procure-to-Pay.

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CH&CO drives 90% cost savings with Xelix's Statements module

By bringing supplier statement reconciliations back in-house, the CH&CO team has achieved a 90% cost saving. Due to the speed and coverage of Xelix's platform, they are now reconciling 9x the volume of statements that they were previously outsourcing. Becci Smith, AP & AR Controller at CH&CO shares a little around her experience working with the Xelix team and what the future looks like working together. 

  • 5x

    ROI in year one

    Through our free retrospective payment audit, ongoing overpayment prevention, optimisation of FTE resource and replacing recovery audits (and their fees), our customers enjoy upwards of 5x ROI in their first year.


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  • 10x

    faster processes

    Using AI and automation, Xelix speeds up heavily manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes. Teams are no longer wasting time correcting mistakes or enduring spreadsheet misery. On average, Xelix is 10x faster than our customers' previous processes.

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  • Priceless...

    happier teams

    By automating the tasks Accounts Payable teams hate, Xelix enables teams to focus on higher-impact, more engaging tasks. Our customers see their investment in Xelix as an investment in their people.


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A new approach to old Accounts Payable problems

Xelix uses the latest in AI to analyse invoices, statements, emails, and master vendor data - acting as a supercharged assistant to your finance team. Xelix learns your invoicing patterns, can read all statement formats, looks for suspicious activity and understands the context of your vendors emails. The system does the heavy lifting, so your team doesn’t have to. Because Xelix is trained on your historic data, the accuracy and sophistication work out of the box. Xelix is your team's essential co-pilot.

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