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Xelix is proud to be carbon neutral!

Sep 2023

We’re carbon neutral and are working towards further carbon reduction goals

In the face of growing environmental concerns, we are stepping up our efforts to combat climate change. At Xelix, we believe in taking proactive measures to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. That's why we embarked on a journey to become carbon neutral and are working towards ambitious carbon reduction goals. In this blog post, we invite you to join our journey towards sustainability, and outline our plans for a greener future.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Being carbon neutral is achieved when businesses calculate their carbon emissions and compensate for what they have produced via carbon offsetting methods such as afforestation and forest protection projects. Being carbon neutral is achieved when businesses calculate their carbon emissions and compensate for what they have produced via carbon offsetting methods such as afforestation and forest protection projects.

What does net zero mean?

Net zero is a goal focused on substantial reductions in carbon emissions, followed by the removal of the remaining emitted carbon through durable carbon removal projects. The aim is to achieve a balance between emission reduction efforts and sustainable methods of removing carbon to prevent an overall increase in atmospheric carbon levels. Carbon removal methods include things like enhanced weathering, bio-oil sequestration, and direct air capture. 
The 'net-zero target' refers to a government commitment in the UK that plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100% in sixty years (1990-2050). If met, the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions would be equal to or less than the emissions removed from the environment. The UK's current carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions stand at a huge 331.5 million tonnes.

Our carbon journey

In early 2022, we faced the challenge of addressing our carbon footprint. We recognised the need for action, so we sought a solution that would help us understand the full extent of our emissions and pave the way for effective reduction strategies. So, with the help of Supercritical, we set off on our carbon journey.

Step 1 - Footprinting

We started by undertaking a comprehensive carbon audit and gained valuable insights into our emissions. This was fundamental in helping us understand the breakdown of our emissions and how we’ll need to adapt to meet our ongoing reduction goals.

Step 2 - Reductions

Recognising the importance of addressing emissions at source, we have started a journey of internal improvements. So far, we have implemented an enhanced travel policy, educated the team on carbon awareness, and we now have a focus on vegetarian options at company events, as well as promoting more sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Step 3 - Removals

We then explored various carbon removal solutions. After careful evaluation, we made the decision to create a portfolio that prioritises carbon removal methods. 
We are happy to share that we have purchased removal offsets for 100% of our 2022 carbon emissions. By taking a portfolio approach investing in a number of different removal methods, we can help these solutions to scale. The portfolio includes: 

Trees: Through our investment into afforestation initiatives, the trees act as natural carbon sinks, absorbing CO2 during photosynthesis and storing it in their biomass. They are an essential part of our portfolio to combat climate change and promote biodiversity.

Biochar: Our investment in biochar technology involves converting waste biomass into a stable form of carbon, which is then spread over soil sequestering carbon for hundreds of years. Additionally, biochar improves the soil structure, enhancing its overall soil health and promoting growth. Credits will be retired in 2023.

E.Weathering (Enhanced Weathering): Embracing innovative approaches, we support Enhanced Weathering methods that accelerate the natural process of carbon capture. It involves spreading certain rocks onto farmland where the rocks react with carbon in the rain and soils to convert the CO2 to stable carbon. It also helps promote crop yields. The carbon removal process we contracted will start this year after application of the rock and continue for next 20 years.

Bio-oil: Bio-oil is the epitome of putting the carbon back where it came from. Similar to biochar, bio-oil is formed from waste biomass, which is heated in a low/no oxygen environment to form a sluggish liquid, which is then injected back into geological storage where it’s highly likely it’s going to stay permanently. Expected removal year is 2026.

D.A.C. (Direct Air Capture): As part of our commitment to cutting-edge carbon capture technologies, we invested in Direct Air Capture, which involves capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere using specialised equipment and chemical reactions. The captured CO2 is then stored underground in suitable geological formations. Expected removal year is 2025.

Our future plans

We are committed to being part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to the climate crisis. And so, we have ongoing goals around environmental responsibility

These include:

  1. Measuring carbon emissions: We will be taking steps to measure our carbon emissions accurately every year. By gathering comprehensive data, we will gain valuable insights to inform our decision-making and develop effective strategies for reducing our carbon footprint.

  2. Continued collaboration with Supercritical: As part of our ongoing efforts, we will continue to collaborate with Supercritical to educate our team on the latest carbon emission reduction techniques to further enhance our environmental practices.

  3. Thought Leadership: Through sharing our knowledge and experiences, we will lead by example and encourage others to adopt sustainable practices.

  4. Continued reduction: We're not stopping here. Our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint will remain unwavering. By consistently evaluating our methods and seeking fresh solutions, we will carry on our journey toward emission reduction.

“As a tech company with no physical product, nor a large supply chain, it would be easy to assume we have a negligible carbon impact. By conducting a detailed audit of our emissions, however, we learnt this simply isn’t the case. As a business, we are now committed to playing our role in the climate crisis and working towards net zero. We will continue to take firm steps to offset and remove carbon from the atmosphere and hopefully be an example to others in our industry. We know we’ve got so much more to do, but we’re very excited to be on this journey and to share our story.”
Paul Roiter, CEO of Xelix

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