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Low risk high value: The Gen AI sweet spot for P2P teams

Learn how to turn Generative AI from an idea to a reality in our webinar. 

Hear from our Gen AI expert Paul Solomon, Head of Data Science at Xelix, who outlines the key factors to consider ahead of your Gen AI implementation and helps you cut through the misinformation.

Paul Roiter, our CEO and Co-Founder, also showcased our latest module, Helpdesk, which is set to save teams hundreds of hours and headaches managing shared inboxes using GenAI.

Supercharge your Gen AI knowledge 

The webinar at a glance

In the webinar, we cover a number of topics, including: 

  • GenAI: what it is, myths and misconceptions 
  • Opportunities for GenAI in P2P 
    • Contract compliance, document capture, vendor risk assessment and ERP querying
  • Vendor query management and Helpdesk from Xelix 
  • Getting started on your AI journey 
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